What is Your Vision for Education Reform in Washington State?

The Washington Business Alliance is a collection of businesses from around the state driven to help tackle WA’s biggest issues. (Read more about the Alliance here). The Alliance also recognizes and promotes the value of Career and Technical Education in Washington state. Pained by the way funding gaps compromise success for our students, WBA is committed to strengthening vocational, hands-on learning. And now, we all have an opportunity to make our voices heard. The Governor’s Office in Olympia has appointed a legislative-executive Education Funding Task Force assigned to resolving funding for K-12 basic education. And they’re asking for our opinion. The Task Force wants to know how WA residents envision our state’s education system. This is a perfect opportunity to express a passion for CTE programs.

Take a look at the WBA’s PLAN for Career Tech, then submit your own narrative statement about the future of K-12 education in our state.