West Valley Students Work to Build Homeless Shelter

Students from David Leinweber's Construction Tech class are working on building a Homeless shelter as part of the CTE Showcase of Skills 2017! They will be traveling to Olympia to drop off the shelter on the 26th and 27th of March. WVHS students will be there along with students from 24 other High Schools, Skill Centers, and Post-Secondary Technical Schools from around Washington who are also building homeless shelters. They will have the opportunity to talk to legislators about the value of the CTE programs they have been involved with. Our local ProBuild program, through Manager Tim Borg, donated most of the materials for this project. Tim’s kids are West Valley Alumni, he hires WV grads to work at ProBuild, and he is very supportive of our CTE programs.

For more information on West Valley HS's efforts, and the Showcase initiative happening all around the state, check out the Workforce Training and Education Board's website.