University High School and Coffman Engineers

Early this October, 62 University High School Students from the Introduction to Engineering Program met with Coffman Engineers' President Chad Heimbigner. A Coffman Engineers article on the visit notes "He gave a multi-media presentation talking about the variety of projects that Coffman Engineers works on; from US Embassies, Fairchild Air Force projects, Kaiser Aluminum projects, to schools and civic projects in downtown Spokane.  Coffman Engineers has almost 400 employees at 6 different locations in the NW and the Pacific Rim.  They employ about 90 people in Spokane. Chad talked about the technical skills, computer skills and the communication skills (verbal and written), and team skills that are needed to be an effective engineer in today's economy.  He demonstrated some of the fascinating software that quickly allows them to plan out parking lots and the routes for planes and semis to travel at airports and loading docks."

Thank you to Chad and Coffman Engineers for giving our students a glimpse into the working world of engineering!