The Taste of Sweet Success

On May 19th, Izzy Pence, a 3rd grader at Ness Elementary participated in Lemonade Day where she earned $665 and a huge car load of pet supplies and food at the Spokane Valley Rosauers to donate to SCRAPS.

It all began when she helped start a club at her school called “Helping Paws” where the kids met to come up with ideas to help animals.  She really wanted to have some kind of fundraiser to raise money for SCRAPS, so her mom suggested Lemonade Day.  After viewing it online, Izzy wanted to participate in this entrepreneurial program and was registered as “Helping Paws Lemonade.”  Over the course of 6 weeks, Izzy completed the Lemonade Day workbooks with her Business Partner and mom, Tracy.  It helped her understand expenses and profits, as well as advertising a business, health laws (like wearing gloves), how to talk with people and tell them about her purpose and concepts like how to make change.  Izzy and her dad designed, built and finished her lemonade stand from recycled pallets and scrap wood.  Her mom ordered the cups using coupons, her grandma made labels for the cups and a good family friend made the letters for the “Helping Paws Lemonade” stand using his Cricket machine.  Izzy had to come up with a recipe for lemonade and used a combination of yellow and pink Country Time lemonade.  All of this required a huge amount of math, to figure out how much lemonade mix would be needed per gallon of water and how any cups she would get out of each gallon.  The event was posted on Facebook.

Izzy’s sister, Emily, a 6th grader at Centennial helped work the stand all day.  Together they filled over 150 glasses of lemonade and greeted customers all day.  The community was very generous to their cause and donated money and pet food and supplies to show their support of these young business women.   Many family and friends visited the stand along with those shopping at Rosauers.  Izzy’s teacher, Jamie Belknap, and Principal, Theresa Kendall came for a cup of “Sunset Lemonade” and so did the sweet lunch ladies from Ness, Pat and Mary.

Izzy loves to bake and has said for many years that she and her sister, Emily are going to own a “Sister’s Bakery” when they are older.  Lemonade Day helped her understand many of the important ideas that go into a business.  She said “Lemonade Day was an amazing experience” and Izzy wants to sign up again next year.  Both girls learned some very important life lessons along with the amazing feeling of donating hard earned money and supplies to SCRAPS!  That was the best part.