Students Tour Water Reclamation Facility

The students in Debra Haynes’ Medical Interventions class toured the Spokane County Regional Water Reclamation Facility recently. They learned how Spokane Valley treats residential waste water from sewers and the relationship between that process and public health.

Fun facts:

*It takes 3-4 hours for sewage to get from Otis Orchards to the high tech treatment center on Freya.

*Sewage goes through multiple treatment processes and the water quality ends up being one step below drinkable water .  However, unlike California’s “toilet to tank” program,

Spokane does not take the extra, high cost steps to filter it further . It goes into the river and is actually cleaner than the water in the river.

*This is most high tech facility this side of the Mississippi.

*The facility and surrounding area doesn’t stink because of the advanced air treatment system.