Spokane Valley Students Visit CHAS

CTE students from Spokane Valley High School attended a "Business After School event early this month. The event was hosted by Greater Spokane Incorporated, and explored the inner workings of CHAS. The students had a wonderful time, exploring many different aspects of CHAS's operations. They had the opportunity to:

  • Meet with Chas Pharmacist who had them create a Multi-day Medication Mailer Pack using different colored M&Ms to represent a variety of medications.
  • Meet with Chas Physician Assistant who taught them how to draw medication into real syringe, inject into practice "arm" and dispose of needle carefully. Also, explained benefits of PA to nurse or doctor, along with her educational path.
  • Meet with Chas Medical Assistant who taught them how to take blood pressure.
  • Meet with Chas Dental Hygienist and learned about tools, related professions, pay, schooling, and loan payback programs.
  • Meet with Chas Administrator and learned about various hospital administrative positions.
  • Take a tour of the Clinic.
  • Listen to all Chas employees talk about their path from High School into the medical field.
  • Listen to a Washington Opportunity Scholarship spokesperson about their scholarship.

The Business After School program provides an opportunity for students, parents, teachers and community members to take a closer look at some of Spokane's most influential businesses. For more information, or to take part in a Business After School event, visit GSI's Business After School webpage.