Shining Entrepreneurship from a Former EV CTE Student

The correspondence below came from the mother of a former student earlier this week. It was sent to our building principal and several CTE teachers who made an impact on her son: Bret Kiefer and John Twining, who were his FBLA advisors and technology teachers, and Amy Tellinghusen, a CTE advisor who served as his Work Based Learning Coordinator placing him in an internship his sophomore year at Altec Innovative Manufacturing Solutions in Liberty Lake.  This is truly an example of how CTE works! "Hello,  I wanted to share this with you in case you missed the news on Wednesday night.  My son Matt and a friend launched a company a couple weeks ago and the news featured them. You were all so supportive and had such a positive influence on him during his years at EVHS. I wanted to share this with you.  He is working on a couple other software companies and projects and should be getting them off the ground too later this year.   

After his two years of College doing running start through EV Matt decided to be a full time entrepreneur and put college on hold.

As a direct result of being a part of FBLA and the programming competitions he competed in through East Valley, he was approached by the head of FBLA to take on the cumbersome task of scheduling their 2016 State competition.  His program will schedule approx 4000 students for State and Regionals again this year.  He is currently in the process of  working on picking up several more states for FBLA and his goal is to eventually get enough traction to pick up other high school student CTSO's.  I believe there are 12 of them in total.  He is re-writing the code to incorporate new features like scoring abilities and building the website for CTSO PRO (the name of his scheduling company).  

Bret Kiefer contacted me last year about a high school/college entrepreneur competition being held where students could showcase their business ideas and compete.  Matt flew to Chicago in 2015 and was the first student in WA State to present a business and Bret saw this as another opportunity for Matt to compete.  I was Matt's business partner for this event because my husband and I are both entrepreneurs and own a couple local businesses.  While we didn't win that competition, it did open the doors to meeting important contacts in the business community. One chance meeting from that day ultimately lead Matt to meet the partner that he teamed up with to make College Free Agent.  It got Matt noticed by some local investors/tech people as well.  We are hoping to make a trip to Silicon Valley later this year on another project and will look at taking on some investment capital. That project is very ambitious and truly makes these first projects small in comparison. 

I went to a business event with Matt a few months back where the guest speakers were talking about the future of tech and saying how they want to cultivate Spokane to be an area where tech and the computer industries will flourish and provide jobs for our local kids that are tech savvy.  Wouldn't it be great if we could create local jobs instead of sending our best and brightest to the West side of the State or to Silicon Valley?  
Matt's big dream is to create a large tech company right here in Spokane and it looks like he is on his way to figuring out just how to do that. 

Thanks for being such awesome role models,  

Sincerely, Stacy Montoya"


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