Local Industry Benefits from CTE Classroom

Recently, members of Joe Pauley’s “A+ Certification” class at CVHS passed the CompTIA Network+ Industry Certification Test.   According to CompTIA, this A+ certification is the starting point for a career in IT.  The exam covers maintenance of PCs, mobile devices, laptops, operating systems and printers.  However, Joe Pauley believes it to be more than a starting point.  "Although the certification itself prepares students to be 'certified PC repair technicians,'" Pauley says, "the curriculum goes leaps and bounds beyond what any service tech would require."

An Interesting Outcome

As a result of the collaboration between CTE and local businesses, Interlink, a full service internet and network service provider, has hired one of Pauley’s students.  "With Interlink,” CVHS student Frank Petrilli said, “I'm managing servers and networking equipment, using the skills we learned in Network+.  I create documentation for the equipment housed therein, and I'm currently exploring other choices for virtualization, in addition to a replacement for their enterprise resource planning system.

"Kirt and Kevin along with the entire staff of Interlink have been welcoming and supportive to me as a newcomer, helping me to understand their systems and their designs as I come into the unfamiliar infrastructure."

After reviewing Frank’s resume (see below), it’s clear that the education obtained in a CTE classroom proves that local businesses get just as much out of the experience as our students do.

Frank Petrilli's Résumé


CVHS A+ Certification Class Students