STCU Visits InTec at East Valley High School

InTec was thrilled to have Eric Puthoff from STCU on October 1st & 3rd to simulate how to budget and responsibly manage credit. Each student was given a "life" and had to create a balanced budget on the first day of presentations. There were many revelations about how expensive life was! On the second day, students participated as groups in answering general personal finance questions and dissolving current financial myths.

InTec is a branch campus of East Valley High School and is a project-based, hands-on learning environment. The experiences at InTec allow students to complete a pathway to college, post-secondary, or the world of work by earning their high school diploma with a different form of curriculum and course breakdown. Our courses meet all the traditional requirements to graduate while being uniquely designed to be cross-curricular, active and applicable in real-world situations.

Spokane Valley CTE