Inland Northwest STEM Exhibition

West Valley High School Engineering and Robotics team hosted the INW STEM Exhibition in May.  The purpose of the event was to showcase local STEM programs, inspire students to meet science and technology challenges, develop teamwork, practice gracious professionalism, and HAVE FUN doing it!

The day’s events featured FIRST Lego League Jr. & Lego League Robotics Competitions along with an award winning Lego League Presentation; a MINDS-i Middle School Robotics Competition; and a FIRST Robotics Exhibition (along with other cool stuff).

High School students from West Valley’s Engineering/Robotics team were in charge of planning and running the event.  One of the student leaders had this to say about her experience, “It felt so good to see kids as excited as I am about making stuff.” Because of her leadership and the dedication of the WV team, more than 200 participants from Idaho and Washington were able to experience STEM in a fun and engaging way.

INW STEM Exhibition