Profiles of students who take Career & Tech Ed

When students are leaving their middle school years, there is usually a Parent Meeting at the high school to inform them about course pathways and programs. Here's a tip for parents - high school goes by very quickly. It is prudent to check in with your student's counselor periodically to find out what they've signed up for and to help guide their pathways. Most students will take classes based upon convenience - where their friends are and how to get through the day as quickly as possible. There are so many grand options in CTE Courses available to them. Some students are aware of these programs, others are not. For parents who have knowledge of CTE courses, they can influence their kids to take their education to the next level.


Student profile - engineering type of student

Your student has been involved in Scouting. They have participated in hands-on courses for robotics. Your student enjoys LEGOS and building things. They are on the academic college prep course at school, but they want more. Did you know that they can take pre-engineering CTE classes while in high school? Some courses allow for college credit as well.

Student profile - social, natural leader, organized student

Your student is a natural volunteer. They love to help others and through the years have worked with young children and the elderly. They love the idea of leading groups and being helpful. Did you know that they can take Teaching Academy and get hands-on apprenticeship classroom time during their Junior and Senior years. This is a CTE program.

There are many more examples for the artistic student, the video game building student and much more.

These programs can be fun and engaging - and the best news is that the student can graduate high school with some real knowledge, skills under their belts.