Freshman Mock Interviews

For the vast majority of high school freshmen, they have never experienced a job interview of any kind. On May 18th, staff members from Numerica Credit Union interviewed the students of Mr. Kiefer’s Digital Literacy class. The students worked diligently to prepare their letters of application and resume’s. In addition, they role-played the typical kinds of questions that one might receive in an interview. Most of them took their opportunity very seriously and came dressed professionally with documents in hand.

The following is a great quote from Lindsey Skinfill, an Numerica employee, “Overal, I met some great kids! . . . I was really impressed with their poise and their preparation. I heard higher caliber answers than I hear in some of my interviews at work. I let my staff in HR know that next time more of them will have to come with me so that we can have more time with each student. Thanks for having us.”

Following the interviews each student wrote a short thank you letter to their interviewer specifically saying what they got out of the interview and what they appreciated most. Thank you Numerica.