Five Reasons to Take MicroSoft Certification Class

At East Valley High School’s Microsoft Certification students in grades 9 through 12 are working to fulfill industry-recognized certifications in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Other certifications are also available. Certiport is the certification company that is used at EVHS. Students receive certification with a score of 700 out of 1,000. If a student scores at least 80% or 800 out of 1,000, they can qualify for free articulated community college credit. Our goal is for students to score 900 out of a 1,000. As of this writing, the following seven students are certified in Word: Ben Donohue, Illya Kononykhin, Marcos Marroquin, Rodney McGee, Tanner O’Brien, Ellie Syverson, and Leah Syverson. “Congratulations to these early achievers! I am certain many more will reach the standard. These tests are not easy, but the studentspersevere, and feel a great sense of accomplishment when they pass.”

The overall goal is to get certified in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel within the semester’s time.

Five Reasons to Take Microsoft Certification Class 1. Receive Industry Recognized Certifications in Word, PowerPoint, Excel 2. Receive Free College Credit 3. Looks Wonderful on Resume’ 4. Required By Many Four-Year Universities 5. Your Teachers and Classmates Will Love You!