EVHS and the Ironworkers Training Center

A group of East Valley High School students visited the Ironworkers Training Center on Wednesday, December 1. They viewed a presentation describing the trade and apprenticeship program. Once accepted into the program, students have the potential of earning over $21.00 an hour while attending school. Upon completion of the apprenticeship program, a journeyman ironworker makes $35.00 an hour and up! Following the presentation, students toured the facility and participated in several hands-on activities including knot tying and rebar tying. They also learned how to climb a 23-foot vertical I-beam. Seth Church was the most successful, quickly reaching the top and ringing the bell. Tiffany Stine won the rebar tying contest, tying nine rebar intersections in one minute! All the students enjoyed their visit and have learned that apprenticeships are an attractive alternative for post-high school training and employment.