East Valley Students "Jailed" For Stealing Knowledge

Just standing behind the closed, rusty, paint flaked bars in the jail cell was enough to give some of Mr. Kiefer’s students the “heebie-jeebies”! Eleven students from Mr. Kiefer’s Personal Law class visited Superior Court on Wednesday, November 16th. Along with the wonderful treat of discussing legal proceedings with Judge Annette Plese, and observing actual criminal testimony, the students also had the opportunity to witness the eerie confines of the old Spokane County Jail. The trip to the court house is the first of two visits that Mr. Kiefer’s class will make this semester. The second will be for the performance of their mock trials in mid-January. Students are just beginning to prepare for the first of two trials. They will take on the roles of prosecution and defense attorneys in a criminal or civil (tort) case to be decided shortly. The witness characters will be played by Andrea LaPLante’s drama class, and the role of jurors will be filled by students from Peggy Estey and Lori Merkel’s civics classes.

The law students finished their day with an enjoyable lunch at David’s Pizza. They would like to thank Judge Annette Plese and assistant Ashely Callahan for their generous hospitality.