Director of Comcast Speaks to East Valley FBLA

Two months ago Amanda Martinez told Mr. Kiefer she had a possible guest speaker in Alan Price, the Spokane Director of Comcast. Mr. Kiefer was receptive, but wondered why a person like the Director of Comcast would be offering to speak to a high school chapter of FBLA. Turns out Amanda set the date with Mr. Price and he spoke to an attentive audience at EVFBLA’s March 6th meeting. “Not until I met Alan did I understand where he was coming from. He has a passion for leadership, education, and young people, and he wanted to share that with our FBLA chapter. He came in professionally dressed, as one would expect, was very engaging, and made a great connection with the kids.” – Mr. Kiefer

Mr. Price didn’t have a lot of time to speak, but the time he spent with us was very worthwhile and the kids asked great questions.

What kind of employee do you look for at Comcast?

“Versatile, goal-oriented, people looking to better themselves, not to be confused with people who always think that the grass is greener.” Mr. Price talked about the importance of people having self-improvement goals.

Can you share with us some qualities of a great leader?

“Great leaders care more about the people around them than they do themselves. They are able to establish a level of trust with their colleagues and staff. They believe they can get what they want in life by helping other people get what they want out of life.”

Where did your leadership story begin?

“My father was a in the cable business. He helped me identify specific leadership qualities, and individuals that he respected that had great attributes of leadership. One particular individual in the cable industry stood out, and my father said if you want to learn how to lead people you want to work for this person. So I spent the better part of the next four years trying to get connected and hired by this man. My perseverance finally paid off, it was the beginning of my journey in leadership and the cable industry.”

One last quote of Mr. Price’s that stood out was, “The greater the role, the greater the risk”. Anyone who has achieved a level of responsibility can agree with Mr. Price. Thank you for sharing with the East Valley Chapter of FBLA. We wish you continued success on your leadership journey.