Central Valley School District Students Participate in Spokane Valley Fire Department Open House

UPDATE: The students mentioned in this story will be recognized at the Spokane Valley Fire Department’s December 11th Board meeting for their support of the SVFD PulsePoint initiative at the fall open house.

Central Valley School District (CSVD) students were present and active at the September 30th Spokane Valley Fire Department (SVFD) open house.

CVHS students representing the CyberPatriot organization supported fire district promotion of a phone application called PulsePoint. The app tracks SVFD calls AND, if the person knows CPR, can also alert them if there is a need for CPR in a public space within a 1/4 mile of their location (Good Samaritan laws apply here so there is no liability to them being alerted and no obligation to respond).

Students approached open house attendees and offered to help them load the a free PulsePoint app on their phone with an explanation of how it works. Between 150 and 200 apps were installed during the open house!  Students Nathan Anderson, Nathan Johnson, Chris Tamayo, Daniel Troxel and Reese Strom, accompanied by advisor Joe Pauley, met many community members and were able to support the valley fire department’s PulsePoint initiative. They were also able to watch many interesting demonstrations!

Central Valley Students visit SVFD Central Valley Students visit SVFD Central Valley Students visit SVFD