Consider Careers in Manufacturing in Washington

By Jennifer FerreroCenter of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing

Career pathway uncertainty is growing for many students. For many, entering a 4-year college following senior year is a no-brainer. However, with high dropout rates, many students are starting to re-think the standard college path.

For those students who are ready to receive training and get to work faster, there are great options. In Washington state, there are 34 community and technical colleges that provide training in aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

Here is a tool that lists out the programs by Location or College (you can view program descriptions and courses and contact the college for more information):

Here is an industry jobs tool:

Videos regarding careers in manufacturing: 

For a student who likes hands-on work, can build things, or just has an interest in getting involved in a lively career with good pay, there are many good options in aerospace and advanced manufacturing.