Central Valley Students Learn What Computer Science Means to Spokane

Teachers Joe Pauley and Career Counselor Corey Anderson lead a group of curious students from Central Valley High School on a tour of Spokane’s computer science infrastructure in early December for Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI) Computer Science Week. Students spoke with Mayor Condon, who stressed the importance of technology for city operations. They met with fire, police and emergency response personnel who stressed the value of new technology in the realms of communications, forensics, and big data management (realms STEM and CTE students might be particularly interested in pursuing!). They even stopped at the Spokane City Library, where the lead librarian explained Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, in the context of book checkouts, and discussed library partnerships with the Amazon Cloud and Sony to revolutionize multimedia book rental services.

Photo Credit City of Spokane


Meg Lindsay and Bri Anne Miller from GSI lead the three hour workshop, and were careful to note Computer Science should be given more attention than just a week, especially since there will by one million more computer science jobs by 2020 than there will be students to fill them. Michael Sloon, the Director of IT for the City of Spokane, stressed that individuals with cyber security skills are in high demand, and are some of the best paid individuals working for the City of Spokane.

Ultimately, this field trip gave students an up close and personal look at a highly in-demand jobs, while at the same time showing them how important these types of jobs are to the City of Spokane!

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