Building Synergy: West Valley High School Career Café

West Valley High School’s Career Café was funded by a Hagan Foundation grant last year.  The Café offers an opportunity for students to meet with professionals and post-secondary representatives while having a meal or light breakfast. Because students are now being asked to network with professionals and peers, in situations they are not accustomed to, the event was offered with a twist.

Students from the Advanced Culinary class put together appetizers and holiday treats for the event.  High school students were given advice on how to put on a name tag, get food that they would be carrying around during the event and tips on how to start conversations. District staff including Dr. Sementi, Superintendent came to the networking rotations.  It was a fun event and the students felt good about it during the debrief. 

West Valley High School will be conducting Career Café opportunities for students in grades 9-12 starting in January.