The 2019 WAHOSA-Future Health Professionals State Leadership Conference

This year's WAHOSA-Future Health Professionals State Leadership Conference was March 7th-9th and was hosted at the Spokane Convention Center in Spokane, WA.

The events at the conference are designed to motivate HOSA members to study, work hard, and achieve a high standard of excellence in a variety of leadership and skill disciplines. 

This year there were over 1,500 registered competitors, competing in 56 different events such as: 

Public Health
Healthy Lifestyles
Medical Assisting

Physical Therapy
Medical Spelling
CPR/First Aid

Veterinary Science
Health Education
Dental Science

Individuals and teams representing Spokane Valley CTE schools competed at the event, with those placing in the top three becoming eligible for participation in the HOSA International Leadership Conference in June.

Central Valley High School

  • Ansel LaPier and Mitchell Greer received second place in Original Medical Innovations

  • Ansel LaPier received second place in the Epidemiology Exam

  • Gracyn Kautzman received recognition in the Barbara James Service Award, completing over 100 hours of community service since November

  • Amy Bosch placed sixth in Veterinary Science

  • Esha Gollapalli placed sixth in Medical Spelling

  • Advisor: Anne Weisbeck

University High School

  • Zane Buschfinished finished in eighth place overall in Healthy Lifestyle

  • Advisor: Joe McCollum

Spokane Valley Tech

  • Claire Brock & Grant Hill finished second place in EMT

  • Belle Anselmo placed fourth in Transcultural Health Care

  • Seth Anderson, Alyssa Hilfiker, Grant Hill and Kenedee Lam took fifth place in Creative Problem Solving

  • Samantha Freemam placed fifth in Home Health Aide

  • Barbara James Award, Gold Level, was given to Madi, Claire, Dianna, Seth and Kenedee

  • Advisor: Lori Buratto

Spokane Valley CTE