Career Connected Learning: HVAC, Electronics Engineering, Welding, Machining, and Electrical, & Hydraulic Opportunities

On January 30th, InTec, East Valley High School, West Valley High School, and Central Valley High School students joined students from two other school districts to attend a hands-on introduction to the HVAC, Electronics Engineering, Welding, Machining, and Electrical & Hydraulics programs at SCC. These career pathways have 100% employment upon graduation in high paying jobs with excellent benefits and the job demand is only growing. As a bonus, there are plenty of jobs right here in Spokane; however these jobs skills are also in demand nationwide for individuals who chose to move. The students were engaged, asked inquisitive questions and all seniors completed their SCC registration.  By completing their registrations early, students are not committed to attending, but instead have early acceptance into the program of their choice if they choose to attend (i.e.- we were opening doors).    

Spokane Valley CTE