Hospitality, Education and Economic Careers Advisory Committee

The Hospitality, Education and Economic Careers (HEEC) committee, formerly the Human Services committee, represents classes such as food & nutrition, early childhood education, textile & apparel and American Sign Language. Students who take these classes and the course sequences may be interested in careers in the culinary, apparel, education, or social services fields. As with many industries, there is overlap between our committees as well.

About the committee name change: 

In May of 2017, the General Advisory Committee approved the name change for our advisory sub-committee.

In addition, a new five year Program of Work schedule has been developed and approved. This will allow us to be more intentional in our meeting agendas so business members can be sure to attend when the content is directly related to their area of expertise.

2018-2019 Meeting Minutes & Sign-In Sheets

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2017-2018 Meeting Minutes & Sign-In Sheets

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2016-2017 Meeting Minutes & Sign-In Sheets

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2015-2016 Meeting Minutes & Sign-In Sheets

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2014-2015 Meeting Minutes & Sign-In Sheets

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