Career Connected Learning


What is Career Connected Learning?

Career connected learning can be as simple as a business person visiting a classroom, talking about what they do. Or a job shadow where a young person learns more about an occupation or business. Or in some cases it can be an internship, or a registered apprenticeship, where youth are paid while they learn hands-on skills. Check out the various types of career connected experiences that make a difference to our young people:

Why Career Connected Learning is Important

Washington's young adults, ages 18-24, experience the highest unemployment and the greatest difficulty of any age group in getting a job, and keeping it . Unemployment routinely runs twice as great for this age group, than for others.

Unfilled job opportunities

Meanwhile, as Washington's youth and graduates scramble for employment, thousands of Washington employers report leaving positions unfilled for lack of qualified candidates who have needed education or skills.

Lack of work experience

Lack of work experience, or simply exposure to the work world, is a key reason why young people lack these employability skills. Internships, job shadows, and other forms of work experience can help young people gain these unwritten but critical skills.


Avista Energy Paths Program Application (with attached application):

Avista Utilities is embarking on their second year of career connected learning through the Energy Pathways summer program. You are receiving this e-mail because you have been identified as a secondary education employee working in Career & College Readiness, CTE, or STEM. Students that will be Juniors or Seniors for the 2019-2020 school year are eligible to apply for a four week career immersion experience to explore career paths in the energy field. The program includes hands-on activities, facility tours, job shadowing, and a completion award up to $2,000!

Jack Stewart Training Center
8307 N. Regal St.
Spokane, WA 99201

Apply: Summer Energy Paths Application Website 

Career Connect WA Recommendations

The Career Connect Washington Task Force focused on identifying actionable and effective steps to drive awareness of a wide range of educational pathways that lead to rewarding careers for Washington’s young adults. Governor Inslee’s Task Force recommends dramatically upscaling public and private registered apprenticeships, internships, mentoring, and workforce training programs to achieve a goal of serving 100,000 young people over the next five years.

Career Explore NW

Career Explore NW is a community tool designed to guide people, through job spotlight videos and job/industry data information, toward a job or career as well as help region employers create a talent pipeline. Under each industry cluster you will find a collection of videos that highlight different types of jobs that are available in the Spokane/N. Idaho region. You will also find other great information around what schooling is needed and average salaries. CareerExplore NW is a project of KSPS Public Television in partnership with the Spokane Area Workforce Development Council. May your adventure begin!


access2experience is a digital platform connecting educators and advisors with industry professionals. The tool enables them to search by industry and job type to find professionals excited to share their knowledge with students and young adults.