Business Involvement

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Are you a business leader? Get involved in Spokane Valley CTE!

Calling all types of business people – we have opportunities for you!

First, you can visit the site Access2Experience, register as a business, and help “bridge the gap between industry and education.”

Or, influence the careers of the future and how students are educated in our region by participating in a Spokane Valley Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee. Your input is valuable and you might be surprised how much you can help with a minimal time commitment.


As a member of our business community, you too can get involved with Career and Technical Education in the

Spokane Valley by simply sharing your time and expertise.


How? There are a number of ways in which you and your company can get involved! Check them out.

  • Participate on a program-specific CTE Advisory Committee. For instance, if your role involves marketing, join that committee. If you’re to Engineering, join that committee. In all we have six different committees that may meet your interest, area of focus and needs. See for a list of the various committees.

  • Sign up to be a guest speaker for a classroom, host a class tour, become a mentor for a student project, etc. In education, we call these career-connected learning experiences for our students. For more information check out o through the regional Access2Experience website. These sites will give you some pretty good information and ways to become involved. Another option is to sign up for the Greater Spokane Incorporated “Business After School” or “Teach the Teachers” programs.

  • Work closely with the regional Career and Technical Education Directors annually to share information about your organization, its functions and you needs. There are several area meetings that will give you some flexibility on your calendar to meet and discuss your thoughts with this group.

  • Mentor students involved in and/or participate as a judge for Career and Technical Student organization events, e.g. FBLA, DECA. You’ll walk away with a better awareness of the skills today’s students who may one day work within your organization have developed.

  • You may remember Career Days when you attended secondary education. Know they are still alive and well and our area students are eager to find out what tools they’ll need to enter the workforce in their community. Watch for opportunities to participate!

And IF your company has the assets and tools to support Career and Technical Education (CTE) through

financial gifts or donations:

  • Donate supplies and materials used in today’s workplace to courses/programs related to the career path that closely aligns with the mission of your business. Though all programs have budgets, the costs to facilitate many programs are high, especially as we attempt to replicate industry standards, and partnerships of this type are needed.

  • Sponsor student participation in extended learning organizations such as DECA or SkillsUSA when they qualify for advanced competition (e.g. offset costs such as conference registration, travel) – these experiences increase students’ skills, confidence and commitment.

  • Provide for flexible scholarship options for post-secondary education/training (e.g. consider the multiple routes and levels of students who might attend a two-year program, a four-year program, an apprenticeship or other training programs that support particular career areas). Programs like the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce student career Foundation Scholarship is a great program with staff who will help lead you through the process.

If you have other ideas, let us know!

Thank you for checking out the opportunities associated with being a Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee member or student supporter in the Spokane Valley. For more information or a designated contact, email